Vintage Finds

So one thing I have realized since I moved in to my church is that I love all things vintage. There are more than one reason why I love vintage.

  1. I love its style, color, and quality. But a really important reason is that it is ridiculously affordable, meaning really cheap or even free.
  2. I love the idea of reusing items as a way of reducing waste. It does not have as big as an impact as reusing this church, but I believe it definitely makes a difference.
  3. It might be a bit creepy, but I often find myself wondering what kind of life a particular vintage piece had before I got a hold of it (the same type of wondering I do with old buildings).
Vintage finds
Three vintage finds from my parent’s junk shop. These were the old trash cans from the local college in town.

I am pretty lucky since my mom is in the business of dealing with antiques and vintage stuff. Anytime she gets an item in her store, Frogs on the Footbridge, that she thinks I would love, I get a message from her letting me know about it (thanks mom!).

Check out my vintage finds below organized by what room they will ultimately live in:

Tin bread box

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