$5 Vintage find for the kitchen

Tin bread box

So I have decided to post about vintage finds I come across as I decorate and make my church a home. My latest vintage find is this great tin bread box. Everyone needs a bread box, right? It is looking pretty good sitting in my kitchen regardless of its special character. But the box does have some rust on the exterior and old contact paper covering the inside.

Tin bread box

It looks like the original retro contact paper is still working its magic! The paper does have a pretty cool effect on the interior, but I am thinking that I can find something better to dress up this gem.

Tin bread box

I haven’t decided whether to keep the exterior the way it is or spray paint it. But I can’t bear to lose that flower decal on the front or the red accent color.

Tin bread box

Okay, so I think I will definitely replace the contact paper inside for a small update, then leave the exterior the way it is. What do you think?

Oh, I almost forgot, thank you Frogs on the Footbridge for this great vintage find!

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2 thoughts on “$5 Vintage find for the kitchen

  1. I agree I think the inside can get a new lease on life and the outside…well that I think if you like you can keep it the way it is if you like the vintage look or just spray paint it the current color it is and refresh the red accents. However I think this would be great to store your loafs of bread.

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