Our letter to the Granite Falls City Council about the Orwoll House

So it looks like Nicole Zempel, Chamber Director, and I will be visiting the Granite Falls City Council tomorrow, April 16th since we sent this letter (Our Letter to the Granite Falls City Council) to be considered. The house is supposed to be on the agenda so that the council may give the final go ahead to the contractor to demolish the house. We are asking for whoever that can make it to the city council meeting at 7:30 p.m on Monday, April 16th, to show their support by showing up. we will present the petition as well but bodies provide more of an impact.

Petition can be signed here, http://www.change.org/petitions/city-of-granite-falls-minnesota-stop-the-demolition-of-the-historic-victorian-orwell-house-on-9th-ave

We definitely sent this at the last minute (on Friday, April 13th) after I had a sleepless night about the whole situation. Our previous plan was to give up (after we emailed the council about whether they would consider allowing more time). This blog post was going to be about why I chose to give up on the Orwoll House, but as I started thinking of what I was going to write about, I realized it is not in me to completely give up on the possibility of saving a historic building.

Who knows what the outcome will be. But it will be a long shot. A miracle will be needed. I don’t even know what to expect or if we will even be able to speak. The council really has to just take a chance with us (Nicole and I) and the community that somehow we can take care of this house somehow.

I know I moved over here too late to have caught this planned demolition, so I try not to dwell on it. I also know that there are other buildings that I will be able to preserve so I am practicing the “letting go” of historic buildings. It is SO hard for me to do.

One thought on “Our letter to the Granite Falls City Council about the Orwoll House

  1. Sarina,
    I would like to discuss this with you via a private email. I have a number of ideas. I am a cousin of Nicoles although we have never met. ( 2nd cousins once removed, I believe). I was born in Granite and grew up in Redwood. Please email me at glenisz@aol.com.
    Thank you and good luck tonight.
    Glenis Zempel

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