Move-in Day! Well just for my stuff.

Moving in
Carrying the couch up those stairs

On Monday, January 9th, 2012, I moved in all of the stuff I brought over to Minnesota from Springfield, Virginia (DC metro area), which included my beloved couch, some shelves, a buffet for Holt House, and all of my other personal belongings. I was able to half-way fill up the main room in the church! Fortunately, with the help of my mom, dad, and uncle, I was able to move everything inside in about an hour. Minnesota was good to me on that day by providing sunny, 50 degree weather for the move.

Moving in
My well-packed trailer thanks to my good friend, Lily.

BUT I cannot live in the church until the heat and water are turned on in the building. Currently, I have no idea when I will officially be living in the church, but I hope I can soon. Right now, I’m staying at my parents’ house, which is a mile out of Granite Falls.

Moving in
My dad carrying a suitcase up the stairs, thanks Papa for all your help!
Moving in
All of my stuff in the nave (the main part of the church). Just for the record, not ALL of the stuff in this photo is mine.

Check out the Gallery page for a tour of the Old North Church’s exterior.

4 thoughts on “Move-in Day! Well just for my stuff.

  1. That would be a dream to me!! More photos please of your progress – and every corner of the church!! How exciting and wonderful!!

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